NFT -Cuber by melkasverse Article on Medium

Sonntag 28.August

Yo, i finished almost yet my first ever written Article . Published on Medium .

The NFT-Cuber Project is also my first official NFT Project . I have a lot to learn how to Mint,create own Tokens , and how to make NFTs on the Blockchain. A lot of stuff to read . Maybe i get sucsessfull maybe not , who cares , its just for fun and experience. We will sea.

Till then

Melvin aka melkasdesigns

Your Design as 1 Dollar0000000000000000000000000001Collage by Melvin Kaspar

Freitag 05.August

Started own planted “Linktrees” for the melkasdesigns Company and Agency.

Seo and Connections between the “links” get optimized by permalinks . Takes time to grew up own healthy trees – so i do .


Melvin aka melkasdesigns