A little Story about my Backgrounds

Melvin Kaspar @ Melkasdesigns @me drawing
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I am Melvin 28 Years young, living in Bonn the old Capital of Germany and Area of last burned witches. 

I worked for Money since i am 14 Years old, my Mother organized me this job and i learned over the years to get more and more independetiv to earn my own money to buy my own food and my own cloathes also things that we all needed to find out who we are. 

After 2 broke up educations by going to be a cook i think bymyself which job i want to learn and where my talents are. Ok the Maritim Hotel was sad to loose me cause i was talentet as a cook to and till 2018 i had a lot of different small jobs in this Branche . 

After a 1 -Year College Community Training in the creative section it was clear for me and my Mentors i should be go into the Creativ Job Branche . So from 2014 till 2018 i get full time teached for get a Graphic Designer .

After this sucsessfull school based education i didnt found directly a job as one so i took a fulltime Job as a Air conditionier cleaner in a hudge Motor-produceing fabric .

Yet we have the Year 2020 January and i decide to cancel this Job to do a audiodaktive 3-D Studying at home while this time Corona Pandemic begins and i got sick . Between 2021 and April i got a Mental & Physical  Rehabilitation for being ready to Work in my Job .

Here i am 🙂 

A young career starter as a media designer and 3-D designer in the gaming & art area. Im open for Job requires and Projects . Specially for the digitalizing from Products and the Metaverse i preefer to work .Another Ambitions are NFT Marketing and Product Placement and Modelling from Game Assets.
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Greetings melkasdesigns / Melkasverse as Melvin Kaspar